Listening to Escalante

Preserving Escalante’s character for current & future generations


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Escalante is a unique piece of Southern Utah. We warmly welcome you to share a photo of what you love about Escalante.

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We are community-focused, and non-profit. We are looking forward to meeting and learning from your community. Learn more about each of us here.

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Our mission is to work in collaboration with you, the community; to listen and seek to understand the character, values, challenges, and goals guiding the future of Escalante, Utah.

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Escalante’s Charm

The City of Escalante is a diverse and truly unique community nestled in Garfield County, Utah. Escalante is an amazing place, full of rich history, unique attractions, and stunning natural views. Surrounded by Utah’s iconic red rocks, stunning state parks, and other outdoor amenities makes Escalante a world-renowned destination known for its first-rate outdoor recreation experiences. The city is interested in mitigating potential future impacts to residents and visitors as a result of their growing success. As typical with many other regional destinations, Escalante is flourishing. But the ever-changing proportions of residents and tourists throughout the year is impacting the city. This risks transforming Escalante into a retail corridor that tailors goods and services to visitors, but overlooks the needs and wants of its own residents.

The Mayor of Escalante, Melani Torgersen, recognizing this, set about identifying the community’s needs and wants, to ensure that the unique chara­cteristics of this wonderful place are preserved for current and future generations of residents. The objective of the Listening to Escalante project is wholly community oriented - to provide tools for the community to work together for the Escalante they want to see. This community-based, participatory process involves gathering information about the community’s concerns and aspirations, understanding existing conditions, desired uses, necessary amenities, and working with residents in the community directly to create a set of goals and actions in this implementable, and action-oriented project to bring about a brighter, more inclusive future for Escalante.