Our mission is to work in collaboration with you, the community; to listen and seek to understand the character, values, challenges, and goals guiding the future of Escalante, Utah. We are community-focused, and non-profit.



Before we take the survey....wondering if any in your group have spent more than a "vacation" in our area...

What is the purpose of the survey? We noticed none of you are from the south eastern part of Utah

We are pleased to answer your questions about the survey. The purpose of the survey is two-fold. First, we are students who are trying to learn about the unique challenges that are faced by rural communities. The survey is designed to help us learn about these unique challenges.

The second reason we are working in Escalante is because we were invited by Mayor Torgersen. As a student group, we only come to communities where we are invited. We are excited to listen and learn from the experts; the citizens of the rural places themselves.

For the past 8 years, students from our college have been invited to come to rural communities to listen to citizens concerned about the future of the places they care about. Previous teams of University of Utah students have worked in communities as far away as Mobridge, South Dakota and places closer to us such as Bryce Canyon City and Springdale, Utah. In each situation, people have reached out to our college to see if we would be willing to come and listen. 

We are more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Thank you,

Listening to Escalante Project Team